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Right Now Society: Congress should look to small businesses for help solving budget crisis

With mobile “everything” – social media tracking your exact location at any second, internet readily available at your fingertips almost anywhere, companies doing everything possible to grab your attention Right Now for business – how is our entire society built around a Right Now attitude, but the government cannot figure out the national budget over the course of years? Aren’t the so-called “leaders” of our country supposed to lead us? Politicians are not leading us, Facebook is leading us. And they will probably have enough money to pay off our national debt before our “leaders” can agree on a budget.

We live in a world where patience is thinning, and people/companies/your boss/wife want results Right Now. American culture has changed or conformed this way, and people are becoming more impatient as time goes on. Get ahead of the game and become a Right Now kind of person, or I guess you can always become a politician!

The availability of the Internet, smart phones, and social media give people the view into results in real-time. If I am about to walk into a new restaurant I can pull out my phone and check Yelp!, Foursquare, and Facebook to see if anybody I know is there or read the reviews of the restaurant in seconds. This is much different from 20 years ago when everything was word of mouth from a small sampling. We had to make choices using word of mouth through friends and family, maybe the newspaper, the look of the restaurant, cleanliness, the name, and the good ole golden rule of “location, location, location.” But, remember, the customer has changed and now “location, location, location” means where you pop up on search engines or social media as well as what any random person with a Yelp! profile thinks of your product. Of course customers still expect comfort, good food, fair prices, and good service, but now there are immediate consequences if they aren’t satisfied with any of those things. This all means your product needs to be great Right Now. Or else.

One example of a Right Now product is Swipe Safe, which pays for merchant’s chargebacks and was developed by Entrust Bankcard CEO Nathan Reis. It’s such a simple product, and it plays to our society’s desire to have everything Right Now. If a business owner gets a chargeback their money is taken from them right away, and it’s their job to fight for it back. They can follow a long, drawn-out process to get their money through banks, processors, and even the police department. A small business owner doesn’t have time for it, doesn’t want to deal with it, and knows from previous experiences that they’re probably not going to win the case and get their money back.  With Swipe Safe, if they’re processing with Entrust Bankcard, they just make one call, describe what happened, and their money is sent that day. So simple it’s genius! Think of products that serve your client base Right Now, or faster than the competition, and you have a real competitive advantage that appeals to our society.

Oh, and my solution for the National Debt/Budget crisis: let’s just use tax dollars to pay Facebook to create a social media network exclusively for politicians and key influencers so they can communicate and share ideas Right Now. Cut out the red tape, and let them go crazy over their own little private social media network. Process, time and communication is obviously killing any hopes of a solution, so get rid of them all. Of course if that fails, at least we could see the pictures they post of each other at the cocktail parties in D.C.

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